About Us

We were building on a previous HLF-funded project - Northumberland Coast Rocks - to engage new volunteers and plan activities.This project focused on a new location, in Scotland, involving new groups of volunteers and building sustainable web resources. The Berwickshire coast is a geodiverse area of national and international significance in the history of geology. James Hutton, the father of modern geology, first formulated his theory of rock formations through study of this stretch of coastline and his theories and influence are still of huge significance. Siccar Point, the site of Hutton's Unconformity, is a world-famous geological site. Planned activities were to help develop an understanding of geo-diversity from the relationship between geology and other subjects, raising interest in the coast, its biodiversity, its history and its social development. This included:
• How the landscape and environment have been influenced by the underlying rocks and geological processes
• Rocks as raw materials and how their exploitation has created our industrial past and present and influenced our history and economy
• How rocks influence bio-diversity and how understanding ancient climate helps our understanding of the impact of man-made CO2.

Lokking at St abbs dyke

Looking at the dyke next to the harbour at St Abbs.