Berwickshire Coast Rocks

Book Cover

As part of this project we have published a volume of coastal walks and geological information. This book is now available to buy.

It is priced at £ 10.00.

All profits from the sale of the book will help to generate income for A Heart for Duns.
It is being sold by members of the project and is also available from the retailers shown on the right.

You can also purchase it by post for £ 11.50 (to include post and packing). Click on the link below to buy it using Paypal.

Alternatively send a note with your address,
and a cheque made out to A Heart for Duns to,
A Heart for Duns, Volunteer Hall, Langtongate, Duns, TD11 3AF


Cornhill Village Shop
Main Street
Cornhill on Tweed
TD12 4UH

Eyemouth Museum
Manse Road
TD14 5JE
01289 306051

Geo C Grieve Ltd.
1 Church Street
Berwick upon Tweed
TD15 1EG
01289 306051

Nairns Newsagents
Market Square
TD11 3BY
01361 883233

St Abbs Post Office
1 Murrayfield
St Abbs
TD14 5PP

St Abbs Visitor Centre
Coldingham Road
St Abbs
TD14 5PL