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The Berwickshire coast is a geo-diverse area of national and international significance in the history of geology. It includes such features as St Abb's Head and Siccar Point, the most famous example of Hutton's Unconformity. James Hutton, the father of modern geology, first formulated his theory of rock formations through study of this stretch of coastline and his theories and influence are still of huge significance.

We have now reached the end of the project. Funded by the Heritage Lottery, and by sales of 'Berwickshire Coast Rocks' we have been able to:

* organise 6 geology field trips and 2 boat trips;
* involve over 90 people in our series of field trips and lectures;
* provide educational field trips and classroom activities for 3 primary schools (Ayton, Eyemouth and Duns) and 1 high school (Eyemouth) – including over 150 children, their teachers and classroom assistants;
* develop online resources and display banners to promote an ongoing interest in our local geology.

The response from all so far has been amazing and not only have we achieved our primary aim of engaging people's interest in the wonderful geological heritage of this area, but have increased our knowledge of the underlying geology principles at work, stretched the pupils involved to learn far more than the learning outcomes for their formal curriculum and I hope, laid the foundations for their lifelong appreciation of the natural heritage.

Berwickshire Coast Geology book

The book which is published as part of the project is now available. Please click here for details

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