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The Scottish Borders – its rocks and landscapes
Local Geodiversity Sites (LGS) are places that have rocks and landscapes which should be protected in order to ensure that they are not lost in the future. They are sites that have scientific importance, perhaps because they show rare rock types, or have connections with internationally important scientists like James Hutton, or are typical of Scottish Borders geology. Hell's Cleugh, Stobswood Recent surveying in this area has been encouraged by Lothian and Borders GeoConservation (LBGC), which is an active voluntary group responsible for co-ordinating the designation of Local Geodiversity Sites in the Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders areas.
Staerough Hill We started surveying in 2017, helped by geology guide books and maps, two existing lists of sites, and searches for ‘disused quarries’ on old OS maps. About 250 sites were visited and photographed, some several times, with more than half of those fully surveyed. In autumn 2019, 35 potential LGS were submitted to Scottish Borders Council (SBC) for inclusion in the Local Development Plan 2020. Site forms were completed for each potential LGS and we hope that the designated LGS will appear, with appropriate commentary, in the Local Development Plan 2020 and on a SBC website.

Alison and Barry Tymon July 2020